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About Me

Jose L. RosarioMy name is Jose L. Rosario Jr. but friends and family call me Joey. I am owner and founder of SELAH BODYWORKS.

This journey I am on, started over 6 years ago. After spending time with my late grandfather, Rev. Luis Rosario and giving him back massages while in hospice, I realized what I wanted to do for a living. Although the massages did not heal him, I know that it did relieve some of his pain at the moment. Unfortunately, my grandfather was not able to see me become a massage therapist but I know he appreciated the time I spent with him.

I believe that being a massage therapist is not only my profession but my calling. I have over 5 years of experience and an absolute love and passion for this art we call massage. Every time I work on a client, I make sure that the time we spend together is all about them; no interruptions and no distractions. I feel that everyone who is receiving treatment, either from myself or from another one of my therapists, should feel like no one else matters but them.