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1. Are the massages done over my clothes?

Yes. The great part of chair massage is that there is no need to disrobe at all. Massages are given over the clothes.

2. How far in advance can I book an event?

We do provide same day service. We typically have a 4 hour window to fill your request. However, we encourage all of our clients to book an event with at least 24 hr notice.

3. Can I add extra time to my event?

Yes, you definitely can. If at some point you feel that you may need the therapist(s) to stay longer, speak to them and if they are able to stay, they will. After the event is over, our office will adjust your final bill.

4. When will I be charged?

Your card will be charged as soon as the event is over.

5. Do I have to tip the therapist(s)?

All of our rates take gratuity into account so it is not necessary to tip. However, if you feel that your therapist(s) did an amazing job, then you can give an extra gratuity, which can be added to the final bill. Tipping is optional and we will never solicit for it.

6. What will I need to provide the therapist(s) with?

You will need to provide the therapist(s) with a comfortable working area where they can set up their chair and a waste basket. Everything else needed for the event will be provided by the therapist(s).