4 ways to show your employees you love them

It’s (finally) the holiday seasons. That means it’s time for holiday parties, vacations, and general goodwill towards all. It’s also your chance to show your employees just how much you appreciate them. Showing your employees that you care doesn’t just make you a popular boss, it can be transformational for workplace morale and productivity. Not only that, but you can knock out some of that nasty workplace stress in the process. And stress is a powerful thing. Stress leads to disengagement, which might not seem like a big deal, but it can be damaging to your business. Disengagement causes things like increased sick days and lulls in productivity. In fact, in a study by Gallup, they found that active disengagement costs the U.S. economy as much as $550 billion a year. But if you treat your work family right, you’ll never need to worry about that. Here are 4 ways to increase morale, boost productivity, and keep your employees happy:

1. Create some green spaces

Improve your employee mental health with one simple step: bring in some nature. While it might sound simple, your employees will thrive with plants in the office space (along with natural or warm muted lighting). Studies show that elements of the outside world, like plants and natural light, can have very positive results. What kind of benefits are we talking about? How about lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety, and reduced rates of depression? It can even help your already happy employees bounce back from illness quicker and pay better attention at work. Show your employees you care by investing in a little mother nature.

2. Let your workers decorate

Foster exploration and creativity in the office for happier employees and lower turnover rates. As it turns out, giving employees control over their workspace through personalization isn’t just cost affordable (since they’ll be buying their own decorations), it’s good business sense. Maybe they’ll even bring their own plants in. According to one environmental study, “approximately 70% to 90% of American workers personalize their workspaces.” Employees report higher job satisfaction and well-being when they can personalize their workspaces, as well as improved morale and reduced turnover. The study also shows a strong link between employee commitment and their satisfaction with their workspace. “Highly committed employees personalize more than do less-committed employees.” Personalization takes time, and an employee wouldn’t invest that time unless they meant to stay at a company.

3. Massage day at the office

Even for people under light stress, doctors recommend at least one monthly massage. And who doesn’t love a good massage? The holidays (and winter in general) are a great time to pamper your team with corporate chair massages. It’s a simple, easy, and relaxing way to give your employees a break, but the holistic benefits make it more than just a treat. Massage helps ease tense muscles, which likewise eases things like stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. It’s a great way to show your employees you care. Plus, it gives you a more productive team. Everyone wins.

4. Genuine care in the office

You might’ve heard that T-Mobile got into trouble for making a provision in their employees contracts where they must maintain a positive workplace, T-Mobile wanted to force a positive environment in their offices and retail stores but instead they created an environment that was just the opposite. Nobody can force their employees to have a positive and supportive spaces. But you can create a more nurturing work environment that allows for more work breaks and less pressure. Help their mental, emotional and physical health by letting them go to weekly doctor and therapy appointments during business hours. Make sure they know that their holistic wellness is your top priority. This might not have immediate effects, but long term you are fostering an environment where the employee’s well-being is a priority.

Best boss ever

When you show how much you care about your employees, you’ll see that care reciprocated from them. Create an environment where people are excited to show up to work everyday, and put forth the best effort that they can. Not only will you be the best boss ever, you’ll be building something bigger than just a business.