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Corporate Events

Wondering where you can use our mobile massage therapy? Any of these corporate events would be a perfect use of our services. Please click on of the events on the sidebar for more information.


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Corporate Thank Yous
Thank you emails are all well and good, but no one remembers them. A corporate thank you chair massage on the other hand? No one will ever forget that. You can purchase a few hours of chair massage for your big client as a thank you and we will show up to their office and take care of the rest.

Tax Season
April 15th. Just the thought of tax day can make full-grown adults break down and cry (especially our friends in the accounting world). Why not provide your employees with a 15-minute break for a quality chair massage and let their worries melt away?

Teacher Appreciation
If there’s one group of people that could use a chair massage: it’s teachers. With burnout rates sky high and classroom sizes getting bigger, teachers everywhere deserve a break. That’s where we come in, massaging away their worries so they can get back to inspiring students in the classroom.

Employee Appreciation
What better way to show that you appreciate your employees than giving them a chair massage right in the office? Massage therapy is one of the best ways to reduce stress—and stress-free employees have been proven to perform way better. Think of us as an investment in employee happiness.

Health Fairs
Science doesn’t lie: massage is good for your health, both mental and physical. Try setting up your booth with us at a health fair. Not only will this bring visitors to your booth (everyone loves a good chair massage), but you’ll be promoting health in a fun and engaging way.

Trade Shows
Are you looking for an edge to draw attention to your trade show booth? Try setting up one of our massage chairs right next to your booth. Not only will you have the most popular booth, but you’ll also get ample time to chat with people while they wait in line for one of our massages.