Office Holiday Party

Office Holiday Party

Who said that planning your office holiday party had to be stressful or boring? If you are looking to make your holiday party extra special this year, try booking a chair massage for everyone to enjoy. The licensed massage therapists at Selah Bodyworks are ready to serve! Your office party checklist probably includes essentials like food and music. However, it may not include an activity or treat for everyone. Surprise your office mates with chair massages to help them relax. Stress about wrapping up projects, closing contracts, and doing some holiday shopping can build up. Everyone is probably dealing with it and they deserve to be treated for all their hard efforts. What is one way that your employees can reduce stress and bond with each other? By enjoying chair massages together! There is no better time to book a massage with Selah Bodyworks than for your Office Holiday Party.  


There are different ways to show your office some appreciation. Whether it be with gifts, corporate office chair massages, or other perks, never forget to show your gratitude. Last minute requests from clients and dealing with hectic traffic every week in New York or New Jersey can get tiring. Just how your employees show you they can work together to get the job done on time, you can show them that you appreciate their work, sacrifices, and efforts. Help cultivate a positive work environment and keep your employees motivated. Start a tradition and book chair massages for all your future office holiday parties. Selah Bodyworks is ready for your next party.   Are you excited about booking a corporate chair massage for your office holiday party? Our licensed massage therapists are ready to bring you the ultimate relaxation this holiday season. Learn more about us and contact us to book your chair massage now!  

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