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It already has been a long winter – we get it!

You’ve just spent November and December hunched over a stove, siting on the floor wrapping presents, slumped over your computer online shopping, and feeling tight in your neck and throat at family gatherings.

Now you get to come back to work to deal with new job responsibilities that often accompany the dreary month of January.

Enduring holiday stresses right before the dull of winter hibernation can certainly be taxing on the body. That’s why we at Selah Bodyworks wish we could provide on-site corporate chair massages at your office every day!

But sadly, there are just too many employers and not enough time in the day to provide mobile massage therapy at each.

So, here are some things you can do in between chair massages at the office to help alleviate tension that has built up in your neck, shoulders, back, arms and wrists in the meantime.

  1. Stretch.

Start by beginning and ending your day with something good for your body – deep stretching. Attend a yoga class or stream one for free online, as poses such as Cow-Face and the Sphinx greatly reduce tension in these areas. Most importantly, make this time all about you and your peace of mind, as a way to properly thank your body for helping to carry you throughout your day.

When at work, the repetitive movements of typing and writing may cause strain to one’s wrists and forearms, as well as inflict serious strain upon the neck and shoulders. So, be sure to set an alarm to stretch at your desk at least every hour, for 30 seconds at a time. Roll your shoulders forward and back. Slowly circle your neck in both directions. Gently stretch your neck to all sides, putting slight pressure on both your chin and the top of your head. Finally, be sure to extend your arms and circle them in both directions.

Lastly, consider investing in a foam roller, or even a tennis or lacrosse ball, to help alleviate painful knots that can occur throughout the body, especially in the neck, arms, back and hips. While expected to be uncomfortable at first, repeated use will result in lasting pain relief.

  1. Strength train.

When visiting the gym or exercising at home, don’t be afraid to add weight to your chest, shoulder, and upper and lower back exercises. If you want to stick with lower weight, be sure to complete many repetitions. If you increase weight, lower your reps. You can safely increase weight by a pound each week without putting unnecessary strain on your muscles.

Remember, do not neglect your core, as it is imperative to good posture! Pay attention to your abdominal, oblique and lower back muscles in each and every exercise you do, while also incorporating exercises such as planks, deadlifts, and Russian twists to strictly focus on them. 

If you cannot get to the gym or find time to exercise at home, try to incorporate strength training into your daily routine. Chopping wood for the fire? Engage that core! Cleaning the floors with a Swiffer? Lift those heels up and extend out onto your knees! Caring for children? Squat as you lift them high into the air!

  1. Correct posture.

The neck and shoulders often hold too much tension, both from daily repetitive use and chronic stress. Plus, the amount of time we spend with our heads and shoulders out of alignment increases the stress placed on the soft tissues and joints in these areas.

Consider investing in a wearable device that will remind you to straighten your back, as if a rope is pulling you up from the top of your head. Some devices may beep while others may vibrate; some may be placed at your collarbone while others are designed to fit between your shoulder blades; but whichever you choose, you should expect to be reminded to correct your posture less and less over the course of a couple weeks.

If wearable devices do not work, research vests that will actively and correctly hold your shoulders in position for you. This may feel strange and uncomfortable at first, but it is the most surefire way to correct your posture without having to think too much about it.

Lastly, be sure to book a time slot early for when we next visit your office.

We look forward to seeing you!


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Maybe your company just recently renewed its health insurance or signed employees up with a new plan at the end of last year.

But even so, you may want to revisit your policy once more before you switch to autopilot payments of monthly premiums –

Because many employers are still unaware of their ability to hire mobile massage therapists for their workforce without a single additional blip to their bottom line.

Selah Bodyworks consistently provides on-site corporate chair massages for employers participating in the wellness programs already paid for by their health insurers.

And there is good reason for this.

Massage therapy often results in multiple medical benefits, including improved circulation, digestion, immunity and mental clarity, reduced blood pressure, migraines, and chronic pain and injuries, and finally, more restful sleep.

Most importantly, even a ten-minute neck and shoulder massage at the office can help drastically reduce stress.

With more than 65 percent of U.S. employees citing work as a repeated and significant source of stress, according to the American Psychological Association, and job stress costing U.S. businesses more than $300 billion annually in absenteeism, turnover, decreased productivity and insurance costs, according to the American Institute of Stress, on-site corporate chair massage certainly makes sense to include in one’s wellness program.

Wellness programs designed by insurance companies often are designed to help employees manage chronic illnesses, lose weight, and prevent disease in support of healthier workplaces, offering benefits such as lower premiums, cash rewards, and free gym memberships.

But workplace wellness benefits are found to be most effective when participation is not solely reliant on the employee.

If an employee needs to quit smoking or wants to find more time to exercise, it benefits the employer to help make these goals easier for them by providing the resources necessary to make it as convenient and affordable as possible.

The same goes for mobile massage therapy at work.

If an employer wants to increase productivity and creativity in their workforce by reducing stress in the office, bringing in licensed massage therapists to the office can help take the pressure off employees to research, schedule and pay for their own massage appointments while also making sure they are given the time, space and care to meditate and relax in a safe environment.

Research shows that nearly 85 percent of large employers offer health insurance that include workplace wellness programs, many of which may help cover the costs of on-site corporate chair massage.

But, if yours doesn’t, it may be time to reconsider.

Employee wellness programs help to attract and retain top talent while also improving and maintain thriving office cultures at companies that prove they value their employees.

Therefore, workplace wellness benefits are no longer a luxury but considered necessary to compete, because a company that helps employees manage their own health, wellness and mindfulness can go a long way in increasing productivity and happiness at work.


New York City is beyond stressed. I would know; I’m a New Yorker. And between the hustle, the bustle, and the grind of it all, it’s amazing anyone here still remembers to feed themselves before conking out for a few hours each night. But that is not sustainable. Our culture needs to change. And we need to lead the charge. For example, when my grandfather landed in hospice, back massages were all I could do to help him feel better. That is when I knew I had to make it my life’s mission to help people with the power of touch. But I didn’t simply want to become a mill-bound massage therapist who worked an unhealthy number of hours per day only to then have to lug his massage table home while also fighting traffic and crowds on the train. I wanted to become a self-made entrepreneur who actually addressed one’s job as a leading cause of health and mental decline. Overworked and understaffed with little time to breathe – and incredibly poor posture to boot – I set out to help more businesses boost their office morale and take better care of their employees. So, as founder and CEO of Selah Bodyworks, I created a company to provide on-site corporate chair massages right in the workplace. Some folks may never even have heard of such a thing, but it may very well be just one of the things a company can do to move its business forward. Say, for example, you are interviewing at two different companies: One is a leader of industry who expects you to work long hours and climb your way up a steep ladder by forgoing vacations and time to exercise; The other is a lesser-known company who offers its employees benefits such as yoga and meditation classes, Ping-Pong tables in the break room, and aromatherapy, sunlight and plant life within a comfortable, welcoming office environment. Who would not want to work there? A company who provides morale boosters like that truly cares about the health and wellness of their employees – and, knowing your employer appreciates you can go a long way to increase productivity. If you take care of your people, your people will take care of you. That’s where Selah Bodyworks comes in. We wanted to become a part of the new work culture that encourages people to feel better and be happier at work. It’s even in our name. “Saylah,” a Hebrew word, means to pause. What better way to rest and be present than with affordable, mobile massage therapy that has proven to improve moods, lower stress, and reduce pain? Now, I’m not saying a ten-minute chair massage will change your life – but I do believe it may help you to feel better about your day moving forward and will replenish you with the energy and wellness needed to make amazing things happen. We love what we do. But most importantly, we want you to love what you do, too.

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Enjoy an onsite corporate chair massage in NY. What is an onsite corporate chair massage? Is it difficult to schedule? Selah Bodyworks is here to answer your questions and concerns.   Selah Bodyworks is a mobile massage therapy company that provides onsite chair massages for any event at any setting requested by the client. You can schedule us at your office, trade show, or any other private event. Just make sure that there is an area where our licensed massage therapists can set up to provide these massages. Show your employees you appreciate them or simply enjoy a relaxing massage after a stressful quarter.  

About Our Massages

If you are worrying about taking off your clothes and feeling uncomfortable in an office setting, there is nothing to worry about. The massage is given over your clothes. Pick an area in your office that feels comfortable. While we encourage everyone to book an appointment for an onsite corporate chair massage at least 24 hours in advance, we also provide same day service. There is a four hour window for the same day service request. If at the end at your session, you feel that you need just a little more relaxation time, you can talk to our therapists and ask if they can stay a bit later.   While chair massages help reduce tension and relieve stress, it is still important to have a well-balanced diet and get enough sleep. The right combination of all these factors can dramatically change your life. We all know to expect stress at work, but do not let it take over your life either. Know when to take a break.   Well, what are you waiting for? Schedule an onsite corporate chair massage with Selah Bodyworks now. Feel free to ask us questions so we can best accommodate you.    

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When was the last time you took a break and took care of your mind and body? Have you thought about scheduling a corporate chair massage in NY? You can trust Selah Bodyworks to help you with that.   So everyone in your office is stressed out, tired, and overworked. While you may take a small break here and there, it is not doing much for you. You get back to your tasks and try to handle everything at once but instead of getting more done, you find yourself being more unproductive. The only thing you have achieved was getting a headache and a buildup of muscle tension. The only fair thing to do would be to take a good physical and mental break. This effective break will you help you focus better and approach your day in a new way.   You may be wondering what kind of magic you need for the perfect break. You do not need magic, just a corporate chair massage in NY from Selah Bodyworks. We are a mobile massage therapy company that delivers services in either a corporate, home, or other private setting at the client’s requests. Not only do we serve in New York, but other areas such as New Jersey, and Pennsylvania as well.   These chair massages can help you reduce the stress, tension, and aches that have been building up. There is no need to worry about disrobing at your office. These massages are done over your clothes. Just request a location that is comfortable for the therapists to set up in and for you to experience total relaxation. Enjoy the benefits of a corporate chair massage in NY.   It is never too late to schedule a corporate chair massage in NY. Schedule a corporate chair massage as a token of appreciation for everyone in the office after a tough quarter. You can also schedule a chair massage for your next holiday party. Contact Selah Bodyworks today.  

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Have you thought about having an on site corporate chair massage in NY? If you are stressed with reports, meetings, and the commute to work, a chair massage could be the way to go.   Take a breather and enjoy an on site corporate chair massage in NY. You are not just an employee. You are a human being who still breathes, eats, and needs time to relax. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a massage. After a long week of nothing but stress, you deserve to relax before you start back up. If you have no idea where to go for a massage or it is inconvenient for you, Selah Bodyworks can help you. We bring the massages to you so you do not have to worry about anything else.   A popular way of relieving stress and tension is by having a chair massage. Selah Bodyworks can visit you right to your corporate office so you and your co-workers can enjoy massages together. If you want a chair massage from the convenience of your own home or want to book chair massages for a private event, you can also count on Selah Bodyworks. Just take a look at our packages. Choose the best one for you.   You may think this is a luxury, but you may discover it is more of a necessity. The relaxation of a massage can help you focus better throughout the day. Once you have relieved the tension and pain that has been building up, you may find yourself with a new attitude and mindset. You may develop new ideas. Sitting in a cubicle is no fun but work still has to be done. However, a simple 30 minute on site corporate chair massage in NY can be the perfect break for you. So, will you be scheduling an on site corporate chair massage?   To schedule an on site corporate chair massage in NY, you can click here.  

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A corporate chair massage in New York can be the just thing you need after a long day of meetings, emails, and phone calls at work. It is the same old routine. We get it! It is time to mix up this routine and treat yourself to a corporate chair massage with Selah Bodyworks.   New York is always busy and it is only natural that you want to wind down from all the chaos around before you start back up. Selah Bodyworks offers you an easy solution: Corporate chair massages for you and your team. So who exactly are we and what do we do? We are a mobile massage therapy company that caters in not only on-site chair massages but in-home massage services as well. These services are provided by us, a team of certified massage therapists, for any event or setting that the client chooses. We are always ready to serve any workplace or private event. There is no job too big or too small for us to serve you and your co-workers.   Chair massages can help you lower anxiety, decrease stress, and relieve muscle pains or headaches that can come about because of work. You can read about more benefits of chair massages right here. Renew your energy after a 15-30 minute massage so that you can approach your work with a new attitude and focus. This simple change in your routine can alter the tone of your day and make you more productive at work.   We also service outside of New York such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California. Take a break from staring at the same screen for hours and enjoy a chair massage right from your workplace.   Get ready to feel the difference. Schedule a corporate chair massage in New York with Selah Bodyworks.  

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An on site corporate chair massage in New York is the solution you did not even know you needed. Calling all business owners, managers, and people who just need a break! Whether we like to admit it or not, we all face stress and need a break every once in a while. After all, we are only humans. Prevent you and your team from crashing and burning from an overload of work, thus being counterproductive. Schedule an on site corporate chair massage instead to re-energize you and your co-workers so you can all become more productive.   You got that report due, that phone conference scheduled for later, and your weekly team meeting to attend. Not to mention that back pain from slouching all day and all the responsibilities you have to attend to after your work day is done. However, you also need time to take care of yourself and make your body a priority. An on site corporate chair massage by Selah Bodyworks is the perfect treat for your mind and body. By taking a short break and releasing your stress through a massage, you can actually get more work done. Some health benefits associated with chair massages are a boost your immune system and improvement in quality of sleep.   An on site corporate chair massage in New York is an affordable solution to your dreary problems and dull routine. Developing greater ideas can be a result of a great massage, all from the convenience of your office. With everything moving around you at a fast pace, slowing down to carefully solve a problem can be the step that makes the difference in your productivity. Release that tension in your muscles that builds up and approach the day with a new view. Now imagine that relief times ten if your whole team enjoys their massages, thus changing the vibe in the office environment.   This on site corporate chair massage in New York is the mental break your body needs. Selah Bodyworks is here to help!    

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An on site corporate chair massage in NYC is a factor that can help increase productivity and improve the environment in a corporate setting. How exactly is this possible? The answer is simple: it helps employees relieve tension and renew their energy in the workplace with a better focus. A simple 15-30 minute on site corporate chair massage can also have long-term effects such as improving the relationship between employees and managers. Providing employees with this chair massage is a reflection of how much employees are valued. 

Let us break down some of the benefits:

  1. Many elements trigger stress at work. A study found that 67% of stress was influenced by internal company elements. While stress is to be expected, too much of it can decrease productivity and increase employee turnover. Chair massages are known to reduce stress.
  2. Slouching during those long hours strains muscles and can lead to headaches. Giving employees breaks and providing scheduled on site corporate chair massages can help combat some of those headaches. Easing depression and anxiety are some of the benefits of having a chair massage
  3. The result of long commutes can be poor sleep. The importance of sleep cannot be expressed enough! It can spark creativity, and sharpen memory and attention. Massages can assist in reducing insomnia.
  4. On Site Corporate Chair massages are an easy token of appreciation. During the holidays, it can be a simple treat to go with the mood that comes with this period. Taking a moment any time of the year to show gratitude for commuting long hours, attending meetings, and overcoming challenges, can remind employees that they are just not workers, but rather individuals who try their best to adjust to daily obstacles.
  Are you ready to take a proactive step in improving the work environment that benefits everyone? On Site Corporate Chair Massages in NYC are the way to go.        

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Corporate Chair Massage NYC, once thought of as a luxury, is now seen by many of these same corporations as a necessity for their employees. Studies have indicated that the benefits of massages are more than meets the eye. As a result corporations in New York, perhaps your competition, are noticing the positive effects on their employees. Corporate chair massage in NYC typically involve having a massage therapist come to the office and provide a 15-minute or 30-minute chair massages for employees. Below is a list of the reasons corporate chair massage in NYC is being included in employee benefits 1. No matter what business you’re in, the need for out the box and or creative thinking is essential. Massage can induce these ideas. Yodi Richeson, a 25 year experienced massage therapist now working for the USA National Volleyball Team says it best, “Massage frees thoughts,” Richeson continues, “When you are so focused on something and stressed out, you have blinders on and don’t see the whole picture. You just see what is in front of you. Massage lets executives calm down to think clearer and get a better picture—its better than coffee.” Richeson, has a number of clients who are high-level executives in the business world. She has been privy to the “aha moment,” her clients have had after a professional massage. 2. Boosting your immune system? Reducing pain? According to the Mayo Clinic, massage has proven to be an effective treatment for the prior mentioned ailments. Studies have also found that massage can help people suffering from fibromyalgia, anxiety, headaches, sports injuries, joint pain, digestive disorders and lower back pain. Consider if you will the number of executives who sit on their chairs for hours upon hours, despite the ergonomically designed features the human body can only sustain so much. Having a massage on a regular basis increases the activity level of the body’s white blood cells that fight viruses. 3. Massage Corporations in New York and other cities have noted that an increase of productivity on the parts of their clients’ employees has increased. “For the past 20 years, there have been studies linking massage to improved brain power and productivity.” So it’s no wonder that 11% of companies offered workplace massage to employees in 2015 and 3% of companies planned to add corporate massage in the next 12 months, according to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management. 4. Sleeping better has also been one of the strong benefits of massages. The myriad benefits of a good sleep is abound, from building muscle, happier deposition, learning better, drive safe etc. You can read more about the effects of better sleep on Business Insider 5. Massages can reduce stress symptoms. Massage aids in stress relief. Research has suggested that frequent massage visits “reduces cortisol, which is a major stress hormone, and high levels of cortisol have been linked to high blood pressure, suppressed immune system function and obesity.” Business leaders are advised to schedule a massage on a weekly basis, but for some more stressful jobs twice a week is not a far stretch. Richeson explains. “On the same level, massage gets your mind working the right way because it helps to balance everything—workouts, job, family and life.” Corporate Chair Massage NYC | Corporate Chair Massage New York City