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Today’s gig economy is pretty great. Many people are finding they are better able to balance their careers and their lives by being allowed to create their own schedules and work from anywhere in the world, if they so choose. But the concept also relies fairly heavily on trust, doesn’t it? Or at least, hope. For instance, we hope that the Airbnb we booked is clean and functional; we hope that the caterer, band and bartender show up on time for the wedding; and we certainly hope that our Uber or Lyft driver gets us safely from point A to point B. But even car sharing services run background checks to ensure our hope leans toward trust. So, when it comes to corporate chair massage – a wellness benefit that not every employer or employee has even heard of before – wouldn’t you like to know for sure that your massage therapist knows exactly what he or she is doing? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Despite the fact that a practitioner must be licensed in every state he or she provides massages, some companies may not even take the time to speak with a massage therapist or look at their license before they hire them from Craigslist – they simply need someone to take the job and fast. We think that is crazy. Aside from the obvious misgivings, mobile massage therapy is an affordable way to help employees reduce stress – not increase it. Employers always should be able to offer corporate chair massages in safe, comfortable environments to show their appreciation for their hard working employees – without wondering if they are compromising their workforce. And employees especially should be able to leave a ten-minute office chair massage with less neck pain than they had when they arrived – not more. But wouldn’t you feel tense, anxious and unnerved if you simply couldn’t trust the person massaging the knots out of your body? That is why Selah Bodyworks believes in building relationships not only with each and every one of our staff members, but also with our clients. If you were to book a first-time event with us, Jose L. Rosario Jr., our founder and CEO, typically shows up as the face of our business. He doesn’t need to hide. He personally has spoken with our more than 250 licensed practitioners and has seen not only their licenses but also their insurance and registrations. He knows who they are, their backgrounds, their capabilities, and more often than not, their life stories. He knows who he is sending to work for him. Therefore, you will never receive an on-site corporate chair massage from a Selah Bodyworks massage therapist that does not have the proper training or credentials. Yes, we work with therapists who aren’t exclusive with us. Yes, we hire new massage therapists all the time. But we do not take chances. We believe in proper vetting to know whom, exactly, you are getting. And that is what sets us apart. That’s what motivates us to continue growing. And that is how Selah Bodyworks keeps changing the industry, one massage at a time.

Blog, Employee Appreciation Day 2018
One of the most important days of the year is approaching… Employee Appreciation Day! Why is this day important at all?  Well, most employees will spend more time at work than doing any other activity with the exception of sleeping. With employees giving so much of their time in the workplace, what are employers doing to show their appreciation?   Make your employees feel like human beings, not just workers from 9-5. The stress that builds up from meetings, reports, and client calls all day is not easy to deal with. It is no surprise that people enjoy being appreciated and valued. A little appreciation can go a long way. Appreciation can help build trust and loyalty in the workplace. It also helps improve the company culture. Show your employees why you are different from all your competitors and retain them.   What are a couple of things you can do to show your appreciation? Schedule an onsite corporate chair massage with Selah Bodyworks. This is the perfect gift because your employees do not have to worry about leaving the office and commuting. Our licensed massage therapists come straight to your office or other requested location if needed.   Massages can help reduce anxiety and relieve tension. Too much stress can cause employees to lose focus and be counterproductive. Help your employees clear their minds and refocus with massages. Massages can also help spark some creativity.   Remember that Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 2. Give your employees something to look forward to. You can gift them employee appreciation massages any time of the year with Selah Bodyworks. Booking an appointment is easy with us. Learn more about our services by clicking here.   Schedule employee appreciation massages for Employee Appreciation Day.