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Not sure about what you should do to help you reduce stress? Need help focusing? If you have answered yes, then we can offer a solution. Schedule a massage at work with Selah Bodyworks, a mobile massage therapy company.   We provide on-site chair massages at your desired location. Our licensed massage therapists come straight to you so you do not have to worry about driving. If you want to book your department onsite chair massages as a way to relax and show your appreciation, Selah Bodyworks is here to serve. Let them know they are appreciated. Not only will they feel appreciated, but the massages can help them clear their mind and focus on important matters. The massages can also help them relieve work stress and any aches they may be experiencing. Afterall, backaches and headaches at the office are not uncommon. Everyone deserves to be pampered after a tough week at the office.   These chair massages are done over your clothes so you do not have to worry about undressing. Though we do provide same day service, we highly encourage everyone to book their appointment at least 24 hours in advance. If you love your chair massage at work and want to add more time at the end of your appointment, just let our licensed massage therapists know. Your final bill will be adjusted.   So what will our licensed massage therapists need? All that is needed is a comfortable area to set up a chair and wastebasket. Do you have a private party or celebration coming up? You can book our chair massage therapists for that too! Check out the areas we serve.     Interested in scheduling a massage at work with Selah Bodyworks? No worries. It is quick and simple. Call us today!