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Ring in the New Year with the Gift of Corporate Chair Massage Sending clients holiday gifts is a great way to reconnect and solidify business relationships moving forward. Like, for example, the gifts I had delivered from Brooklyn Cupcakes – where the owner, Carmen Rodriguez, makes the most delicious chocolate raspberry cupcakes – to thank Selah Bodyworks clients for working with us this year and to let them know how much I look forward to working with them in the next. But we all know how the holidays can be rough. Your clients likely have spent hours fighting crazed shopping crowds or hunched over a computer or mobile phone seeking online sales; They may have packed for uncomfortable travel in cramped cars and planes while regretting their over-indulgence on holiday sweets; And, they, too, most likely have dealt with children’s temper tantrums, arguing family members, and the cleaning one must do when entertaining. So, when can they relax? Well, when it’s over. And that is exactly when you should consider sending your clients a chair massage at work, because their employees need to be at their most productive and relaxed to start the New Year off right. Not only will a ten-minute neck and shoulder massage help to ease your client’s employees back into the swing of things, but it also may help your business to stand out. I can distinctly remember which businesses have sent me piñatas for Halloween, Valentines in February, and beverage cozies for July 4th weekend. But, sadly, I can not always remember or take the time to appreciate which business sent me what for the “holidays,” as I often have simply been trying to make it through myself. The end of the year is a very noisy and stressful time to let your clients know you appreciate them. Plus, your gift is not likely to stand out amidst piles of chocolates, champagnes, and edible fruit baskets, and you don’t want to run the expensive risk of your business not being recognized for the gesture at all. Instead, think of this: It’s a cold, dreary, wintery workday in January. You’ve just barely pulled yourself out of the slump that was New Year’s Day and the frenzy of what was, once again, an exhausting holiday season. That third cup of coffee still hasn’t kicked in, and you have no idea how you’re going to find the energy to get through your agenda for the day. Things look bleak. Wouldn’t that be the perfect time to enjoy the gift of an on-site, ten-minute corporate chair massage from Selah Bodyworks? As you and your team begin to create resolutions for the New Year, think about how you also can help your clients to regroup and reenergize in order to create more meaningful business relationships. A chair massage at the office just may be that perfect unique and unexpected gift your clients remember you for – and, therefore, make it more likely they recommend you to others!

Blog, Office Chair Massage In NJ

Office Chair Massage In NJ

The end of the year is almost here! Life seems busier and more stressful than ever in NJ. The holidays are just a couple of weeks away and you need to have a focused mind to deal with all the pressures of office party planning. That does not even include the pressures of meeting the end of year goals and submitting final reports. Book an Office Chair Massage in NJ with Selah Bodyworks. Booking a chair massage at your office is easier than you think.   If you need some time to relax at the office, what better way than with a massage? Instead of booking massages all the way across town after work and dealing with the traffic, let the massage come to you. Selah Bodyworks is a mobile massage company with a team of licensed massage therapists. The massage therapists bring their own equipment. All you have to do is pick a comfortable space in your office so they can set up the massage chairs and wastebaskets. Are you shy about disrobing? Not a problem! We provide the massages over your clothes. It does not get much simpler than that! Holiday planning can involve finding the perfect gift for everyone in the office, coordinating the best office holiday party, and making sure you still do not get left behind on work.  Do not try to dive deep and handle 50 tasks at the same time in hopes of getting it all done perfectly. You may find yourself being counterproductive. Instead of dealing with everything at once, clear your mind, and prioritize. A massage can help set your mind where it needs to be.   Call Selah Bodyworks today and book your Office Chair Massage In NJ! Stress is just a thing of the past. Start relaxing now.