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Blog, Office Massage in New York
Wind down after a stressful week with an office massage in New York provided by Selah Bodyworks. Do not crash and burn at work, relieve that tension and stress with the help of our licensed massage therapists. Clear your mind and be more productive! Scheduling a massage is easy with us.   Selah Bodyworks is a mobile massage therapy company ready to provide you with onsite chair massages. Whether you are hosting a special corporate event, private event, or it is just a regular day at the office, you can count on our massage therapists to provide chair massages at your requested location.   Want to show your employees some appreciation? Book an onsite chair massage that everyone can enjoy. You do not have to wait for the holidays to show your gratitude. Schedule massages at the end of each month or quarter. By showing your gratitude, you can also help improve the company culture. Read more about creating a workplace culture that employees love here.   Our massages are done over your clothes so you do not have to worry about getting undressed. While we do provide same day service, we encourage at least a 24-hr notice. Just make sure that your requested location has enough space for our massage therapists to set up. Want to add additional time at the end of your appointment?  Just let our massage therapists know. Give your office something to look forward to. Call now to schedule your office massage in New York with Selah Bodyworks. Pick the package that works best for your office. Stop stressing and start relaxing. We are just a call away.   Contact Selah Bodyworks to schedule your office massage in New York.  


Blog, Office Massage in NY
The start of a new year can be stressful. While you set resolutions and goals, accomplishing them is not always easy. Everyone needs a moment to relax and prepare mentally for big transitions. Enjoy an office massage in NY to help you refocus your mind and energy for the best results in the new year. With Selah Bodyworks, it is easy to book an office chair massage.   Are you feeling overwhelmed with projects, sales, and meetings? A cluttered mind and schedule can actually be counterproductive. Take a minute to stop and reflect. What a better time to schedule an office massage in NY than right now? Show your employees some appreciation for all their continuous effort and hard work by letting them enjoy some time to relax.   So what is there to know about our chair massages? You can book us for your corporate and private events. Our massage therapists arrive at the location you requested so you do not have to worry about traveling or traffic. Just make sure the space is comfortable enough for our massage therapists to set up and for you to relax. Though we do provide same day service, we still encourage a 24-hour notice. There is no need to disrobe because the massage is done over your clothes.   Massages can help reduce anxiety, headaches and even muscle tension. You can read more on how to help reduce stress in the workplace here. We offer a variety of packages. Pick the one that best fits your needs and we will take care of the rest. No event is too big or too small for our massage therapists. We provide as many massage therapists as needed.   If you are ready to schedule an office massage in NY, contact Selah Bodyworks. Book your appointment with us today!  

Blog, Office Massage in NYC
The work environment can be stressful. Tasks pile up, unexpected problems arise, and headaches keep occurring. Yes, stress is expected but too much of it can have consequences. Do not burn out at work. Instead, find ways to help yourself decrease stress in your office. Schedule an office massage in NYC.  

Tips to Decrease Stress

  • Sleep more: Get the right amount of sleep to work at your maximum potential. Adults should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep to function optimally. By cutting your sleeping time, you may end up being more counterproductive because you feel too exhausted to do anything.
  • Healthy diet: Eat well and do not give in to the unhealthy eating diets you may develop because of stress. These habits can worsen the effects of stress. You need the right fuel to keep you up and running.
  • Exercise: It reduces the levels of stress and increases productivity as well as improve the feeling of self-confidence.
  • Laughing: Did you know laughing relieves stress? Do not forget to interact with others and have a good laugh.
  • Chair Massages: They can help improve productivity and help develop creative ideas.
  You can read more here about steps you can take to help decrease stress in the workplace.   We all deal with stress in different ways. Find the right balance between exercise, sleep, diet, and massages to help you decrease stress in the workplace. Show others you appreciate them by scheduling them an office massage in NYC. Our massages help you transform your body and your day. Our massage therapists are certified and experienced. Relax knowing that we come to you so you do not have to stress about coming to us.   Stop stressing and start relaxing with a scheduled office massage in NYC. Learn more about our services and packages and pick the best one for you.    

Blog, Office Massage in New York
  Are you tired at work? Do you feel stressed? Are your breaks not helping? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you might consider an office massage in New York.   What stresses you at work the most? Even though stress is expected every day, an excessive amount can be unhealthy. While different people stress about different things, you can combat stress with an office massage in New York.   Not sure how stress can affect your health? Here are some warning signs that you are dealing with too much stress:
  1. Pessimist Attitude: Your negative attitude is taking over. You feel like you have lost part of your “old, positive self.”
  2. Overwhelmed and exhausted: You feel like your life is just a big to-do list and you struggle to get out the door.
  3. Procrastinating Decisions: You cannot seem to reach a decision easily and you neglect your responsibilities.
  4. Constantly Ill: The digestive issues and headaches never seem to go away. You are always feeling sick.
  5. Poor sleep: Your sleeping cycle is irregular and you end up feeling exhausted whether you sleep for too long or have trouble sleeping and sleep too little.
You can read more about stress here.   If you feel that stress has taken over your life, it may be time to relax already. Your breaks at work may be long but not useful at all. Here’s an idea: schedule an office massage in New York. By scheduling an office massage with Selah Bodyworks, our experts will come to you so you do not have to worry about commuting or wasting time. Enjoy an effective office massage during your break that can help you relieve tension and reduce stress. The perfect combination of diet, sleep, and relaxation time can change the way you approach each day.   Ready to schedule an office massage in New York? Contact Selah Bodyworks and learn more about us.