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Today’s gig economy is pretty great. Many people are finding they are better able to balance their careers and their lives by being allowed to create their own schedules and work from anywhere in the world, if they so choose. But the concept also relies fairly heavily on trust, doesn’t it? Or at least, hope. For instance, we hope that the Airbnb we booked is clean and functional; we hope that the caterer, band and bartender show up on time for the wedding; and we certainly hope that our Uber or Lyft driver gets us safely from point A to point B. But even car sharing services run background checks to ensure our hope leans toward trust. So, when it comes to corporate chair massage – a wellness benefit that not every employer or employee has even heard of before – wouldn’t you like to know for sure that your massage therapist knows exactly what he or she is doing? Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Despite the fact that a practitioner must be licensed in every state he or she provides massages, some companies may not even take the time to speak with a massage therapist or look at their license before they hire them from Craigslist – they simply need someone to take the job and fast. We think that is crazy. Aside from the obvious misgivings, mobile massage therapy is an affordable way to help employees reduce stress – not increase it. Employers always should be able to offer corporate chair massages in safe, comfortable environments to show their appreciation for their hard working employees – without wondering if they are compromising their workforce. And employees especially should be able to leave a ten-minute office chair massage with less neck pain than they had when they arrived – not more. But wouldn’t you feel tense, anxious and unnerved if you simply couldn’t trust the person massaging the knots out of your body? That is why Selah Bodyworks believes in building relationships not only with each and every one of our staff members, but also with our clients. If you were to book a first-time event with us, Jose L. Rosario Jr., our founder and CEO, typically shows up as the face of our business. He doesn’t need to hide. He personally has spoken with our more than 250 licensed practitioners and has seen not only their licenses but also their insurance and registrations. He knows who they are, their backgrounds, their capabilities, and more often than not, their life stories. He knows who he is sending to work for him. Therefore, you will never receive an on-site corporate chair massage from a Selah Bodyworks massage therapist that does not have the proper training or credentials. Yes, we work with therapists who aren’t exclusive with us. Yes, we hire new massage therapists all the time. But we do not take chances. We believe in proper vetting to know whom, exactly, you are getting. And that is what sets us apart. That’s what motivates us to continue growing. And that is how Selah Bodyworks keeps changing the industry, one massage at a time.

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Have you thought about scheduling an office massage? Not sure what some of the benefits are? Looking for the right licensed massage therapists? Selah Bodyworks is here to help you.   Selah Bodyworks is a mobile massage therapy company that provides on-site chair massages at your requested location. Whether you are looking to schedule a massage at your office, home, or any other venue, you can count on our massage therapists to come to you for the perfect massage. If you are worried about driving to your massage appointment during rush hour or just have no time during the day to commute for a massage, have the massage come straight to you at the office.   Massages can help combat headaches and ease muscle pain. Sitting in a cubicle the whole day can make your muscles tense. That is not to mention the stress you are dealing with every day from preparing reports, developing projects, and meeting clients the whole day. Improve circulation and combat headaches with an office massage.   You can also improve company culture by showing employees some appreciation. Reward them and give them something to look forward to by booking them office massages. Schedule office massages at the end of each month or quarter to reward them for their hard work.   If you want to treat your whole department to a massage, we provide as many licensed massage therapists as needed. Whether you are just showing employee appreciation or hosting a corporate event, our massage therapists are ready to serve. No event is too big or too small for us. Just make sure that your venue has enough space for our therapists to set up and feels comfortable for you.   If you are ready to schedule your next office massage with Selah Bodyworks, give us a call.  

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  Are you tired at work? Do you feel stressed? Are your breaks not helping? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you might consider an office massage in New York.   What stresses you at work the most? Even though stress is expected every day, an excessive amount can be unhealthy. While different people stress about different things, you can combat stress with an office massage in New York.   Not sure how stress can affect your health? Here are some warning signs that you are dealing with too much stress:
  1. Pessimist Attitude: Your negative attitude is taking over. You feel like you have lost part of your “old, positive self.”
  2. Overwhelmed and exhausted: You feel like your life is just a big to-do list and you struggle to get out the door.
  3. Procrastinating Decisions: You cannot seem to reach a decision easily and you neglect your responsibilities.
  4. Constantly Ill: The digestive issues and headaches never seem to go away. You are always feeling sick.
  5. Poor sleep: Your sleeping cycle is irregular and you end up feeling exhausted whether you sleep for too long or have trouble sleeping and sleep too little.
You can read more about stress here.   If you feel that stress has taken over your life, it may be time to relax already. Your breaks at work may be long but not useful at all. Here’s an idea: schedule an office massage in New York. By scheduling an office massage with Selah Bodyworks, our experts will come to you so you do not have to worry about commuting or wasting time. Enjoy an effective office massage during your break that can help you relieve tension and reduce stress. The perfect combination of diet, sleep, and relaxation time can change the way you approach each day.   Ready to schedule an office massage in New York? Contact Selah Bodyworks and learn more about us.  

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An on site corporate chair massage in NYC is a factor that can help increase productivity and improve the environment in a corporate setting. How exactly is this possible? The answer is simple: it helps employees relieve tension and renew their energy in the workplace with a better focus. A simple 15-30 minute on site corporate chair massage can also have long-term effects such as improving the relationship between employees and managers. Providing employees with this chair massage is a reflection of how much employees are valued. 

Let us break down some of the benefits:

  1. Many elements trigger stress at work. A study found that 67% of stress was influenced by internal company elements. While stress is to be expected, too much of it can decrease productivity and increase employee turnover. Chair massages are known to reduce stress.
  2. Slouching during those long hours strains muscles and can lead to headaches. Giving employees breaks and providing scheduled on site corporate chair massages can help combat some of those headaches. Easing depression and anxiety are some of the benefits of having a chair massage
  3. The result of long commutes can be poor sleep. The importance of sleep cannot be expressed enough! It can spark creativity, and sharpen memory and attention. Massages can assist in reducing insomnia.
  4. On Site Corporate Chair massages are an easy token of appreciation. During the holidays, it can be a simple treat to go with the mood that comes with this period. Taking a moment any time of the year to show gratitude for commuting long hours, attending meetings, and overcoming challenges, can remind employees that they are just not workers, but rather individuals who try their best to adjust to daily obstacles.
  Are you ready to take a proactive step in improving the work environment that benefits everyone? On Site Corporate Chair Massages in NYC are the way to go.        

  Quick question: how would you rate the mental health in your office?    Let’s hope you score pretty high, because most wouldn’t. The American Psychological Association reports that 47% of Americans are concerned with the amount of stress in their lives. This shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, since most full-time employees in America work 47 hours a week. Are you seeing the problem yet? Not only does stress make for a miserable workplace environment, it’s a proven productivity-killer. The most stressed-out offices are the least efficient offices. And, judging by the current statistics, odds are that nearly half of your office is dangerously stressed out. The good news is that there are easy, affordable solutions to your office stress problem. We compiled a list of 5 of the best ways to boost mental health and productivity in the office, so that you can be on your way to a happier, more efficient workplace.   

1. Allow multiple breaks throughout the day

It may sound counter-intuitive, but breaks actually improve performance throughout the day. While many people believe that you have to get “in the zone” and grind out the day, the opposite is true. The problem with working without breaks is that your brain doesn’t get a chance to recharge. You become depleted—mind, body, and soul. Breaks have been proven to improve stamina and (especially with all the sitting in most offices) lessen the aches, pains, and headaches employees feel throughout the day. Researchers have also found that the best results come when you do something you actually enjoy during your break. So put your cell phone away and pick up a book for 15 minutes. Go outside and listen to your favorite song with no distractions. Do something mindful and fun while you’re at work.  After all, it’s good for your health.  

2. Focus on a (healthy) lunch break

There is an entire website called “Sad Desk Lunch” devoted to the utterly depressing display of microwave bagels, Tic Tacs, and tupperware containers full of bland salad that employees consume alone at their desks every day. This shouldn’t be a surprise. As few as 1 in 5 employees get a real lunch break, and even if they do, they’re often not eating the healthiest food. We recommend you take at least 20 minutes for a proper lunch break.  But while you’re at it, don’t stuff your face with a half pound of french fries and a salted caramel milkshake (as tempting as that is). Go for a high-protein lunch, full of things like meat, fish, eggs, or nuts and high-antioxidant foods like blueberries. Meanwhile, take it easy on the complex carbs. This will make sure you don’t get that terrible two o’clock crash.   

3. Choose the right lights and colors

You know those horrible, phosphorescent lights that make that low buzzing noise? Not only are they ugly, they’re terrible for your productivity and mental health. Psychologists will tell you, two of the biggest components of our mood are the lights and colors around us. What does that mean for your office? Make sure you fill it with lights and colors that make people feel at ease and productive. Exposed bulbs are bad. Warm, muted colors are good. Natural light is also fantastic, if you can swing it.  

4. Let there be naps

While some might baulk at the idea of “siestas” at work, sleeping on the job is actually a proven technique for a healthy workplace. According to a recent study, naps at work improve productivity and safety, while creating a happier workplace culture. Google and other companies have already taken the lead on this, investing in nap-pods, where employees can steal an at-work nap.   

5. Get a massage at the office

Corporate chair massage is a real thing. And with good reason. With so many employees sitting hunched over the computer for hours on end, bad posture and backaches are part of workplace culture. Massage counteracts the negative effects of bad sitting by easing tense muscles. It’s also been known to ease anxiety and depression, both of which are workplace culture and productivity killers. And if you hate getting sick at the office, massage even boosts the immune system. It’s no surprise that a lot of startups are getting monthly massages for employee health. So if you think your office could use a little more productivity and a lot more happiness, give us a call at Selah Bodyworks. Invest in the mental health of your office today! Improve my office health today