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Blog, Onsite Corporate Chair Massage NY
Enjoy an onsite corporate chair massage in NY. What is an onsite corporate chair massage? Is it difficult to schedule? Selah Bodyworks is here to answer your questions and concerns.   Selah Bodyworks is a mobile massage therapy company that provides onsite chair massages for any event at any setting requested by the client. You can schedule us at your office, trade show, or any other private event. Just make sure that there is an area where our licensed massage therapists can set up to provide these massages. Show your employees you appreciate them or simply enjoy a relaxing massage after a stressful quarter.  

About Our Massages

If you are worrying about taking off your clothes and feeling uncomfortable in an office setting, there is nothing to worry about. The massage is given over your clothes. Pick an area in your office that feels comfortable. While we encourage everyone to book an appointment for an onsite corporate chair massage at least 24 hours in advance, we also provide same day service. There is a four hour window for the same day service request. If at the end at your session, you feel that you need just a little more relaxation time, you can talk to our therapists and ask if they can stay a bit later.   While chair massages help reduce tension and relieve stress, it is still important to have a well-balanced diet and get enough sleep. The right combination of all these factors can dramatically change your life. We all know to expect stress at work, but do not let it take over your life either. Know when to take a break.   Well, what are you waiting for? Schedule an onsite corporate chair massage with Selah Bodyworks now. Feel free to ask us questions so we can best accommodate you.    

Blog, Onsite Corporate Chair Massage
Call Selah Bodyworks to schedule an onsite corporate chair massage. Everyone deserves some peace of mind after a long week of work. Though some people consider it a luxury, you may need it more than you think. You try to get more tasks done by cutting breaks but sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. Though no one may like to admit feeling stressed, it may be a good thing to suggest better breaks. Here’s an idea: take and enjoy a break to clear your mind. A proper break will ease some tension and help you redirect the right energy in the right direction. However, there are more benefits to scheduling an onsite corporate chair massage.  

Employee Appreciation

How is the company culture? What is the energy like in the conference rooms? Sometimes the environment can be overwhelming. We can all treat ourselves to a break. An onsite corporate chair massage can do more than just relieve people. It can also improve the company culture. Think about it. By showing employees that they are appreciated by scheduling an onsite corporate chair massage, your relationship with them can improve. It can strengthen the sense of loyalty. They are not just seen as 9-5 robots who are there to work.   When was the last time you showed or were shown appreciation in your office? There is power in showing gratitude. The workplace culture can be toxic and a way to combat the negativity is with employee appreciation. It can help with aggression and is a great motivator. Such gratitude can lead to reciprocity. When people feel appreciated, they can feel more motivated with future actions. Gratitude is fuel for relationships. Scheduling an onsite corporate chair massage where you can all bond is an easy step you can to improve your well-being and that of your team.   Let Selah Bodyworks give you the relaxation time you need. Treat yourself and the rest of your co-workers to an onsite corporate chair massage today.