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Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to boost office morale one massage at a time. We want to increase your employee’s morale and productivity all at the same time.

Our vision is to see every corporate office in America have a wellness plan in place for their employees. We want to see chair massage programs as a  part of the work culture as well as other holistic approaches to balance and wellness.

Who are we

Selah (n.) – a Biblical word, meaning a pause or break in the music. Don’t you think you deserve a break? Here at Selah Bodyworks, we specialize in breaks. Our team of certified massage therapists comes to you, offering mobile chair massages, ten to fifteen minutes at a time. We do corporate events, health fairs, trade shows, spa parties, and any other type of gathering you can throw at us. Americans work too hard. Too much work causes stress. All that stress stores itself deep in your muscles. It keeps you from being as happy, focused, and productive as you can be. It’s our goal to change that. At Selah Bodyworks, our calling is to relieve you of your stress and tension, so you can be the best “you” possible.

Meet the Founder

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My name is Jose L. Rosario Jr. but friends and family call me Joey. I am the owner and founder of SELAH BODYWORKS.

This journey I am on started over 12 years ago. After spending time with my late grandfather, Rev. Luis Rosario and giving him back massages while in hospice, I realized what I wanted to do for a living. Although the massages did not heal him, I know that it did relieve some of his pain at the moment. Unfortunately, my grandfather was not able to see me become a massage therapist but I know he appreciated the time I spent with him.

I believe that being a massage therapist is not only my profession but my calling. I have over 10 years of experience and an absolute love and passion for this art we call massage. Every time I personally work on a client, I make sure that the time we spend together is all about them; no interruptions and no distractions. I feel that everyone who is receiving treatment, either from myself or from another one of my therapists, should feel like no one else matters but them.

Areas We Service

Although we are based in NYC, we can still serve you and your clients in the following US markets:

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Areas We Service:

District of Columnbia
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina

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